Slide No tickets. no tokens. just prizes!

Coin Operated Arcade

Quik Play Arcade offers a wide variety of redemption based arcade games that reward prizes on the spot!

This includes various themed claw machines, coin pushers and other prize based games.

No tickets or tokens required, simply insert quarters to play and win prizes!

Vintage Arcade Experience

Experience a blast from the past with many of our classic arcade games!

We have various hit games such as Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Terminator and more!

Our classic games are more than just games; they’re a trip down memory lane.


Host your next birthday party at Quik Play Arcade!

Host a larger-than-life birthday event at Quik Play Arcade. Large groups can rent out the arcade for their events.

Your group will have the opportunity to eat, drink and play games in a private setting.

No waiting to play. No waiting for rewards. Just prizes and fun everyone!

As Seen On YouTube

Discover the thrills that nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers can’t get enough of at our coin-operated arcade!

Our arcade offers an affordable and nostalgic gaming experience that’s just a quarter-turn away from fun!


Come and experience the thrill of a lifetime at Quik Play Arcade—Jefferson City, MO’s one-of-a-kind hub for electrifying fun.

Plus, don’t miss out on our classic game selection that’ll take you on a nostalgic journey back in time!